• Lorenzo




    The Fall- Winter collection is inspired by STATEMENT’s fascinating mind’s eye that continues to elevate explicit and timeless elegance all in the course of the season. Finest wools being the first animal fiber to make into clothes in a variety of standards, elegant patterns such as plaid, stripes, solid, tone on tone, hounds tooth, eyelet and other patterns inspired by the nature’s natural beauty. The awareness of natural beauty is like a revelation unfathomably through STATEMENT’s collection in nature colors as its theme with an unimaginable combination. Fine Italian craftsmanship are enthusiastically considered in all aspects of its standards. STATEMENT gets the enthusiasm of creating unremarkable designs from its dye, weave, blend, stitch, moisture, made resistant to dirt, wear & tear, does not easily wrinkle and absorbs moisture for customers fulfillment, from it’s sophistication up to its wardrobe handling.